We know, the best Power banks are hardly a topic of super-excitement. But these portable chargers can be a life-saver if your battery runs out on the go.

You may wonder How to choose the best power bank.

As a rule, a good power bank should be compact, small and easy to carry around which also should hold enough power to charge your devices several times over.

Portable chargers to buy now- Power Bank Reviews and Buying Guide
Power Bank Reviews and Buying Guide

For those who are planning to buy power banks online, here is a look at some of the best power banks that are available in 2021.

MI 10000MAH 2I

The Xiaomi MI 1000 mAh 2I power bank is ultra-slim & lightweight. This Xiaomi power bank can be easily carried around while travelling in your pocket or bag. It comes with Dual USB ports which can charge two devices simultaneously.

Capacity (mAh) :10000

No. Of Ports: 2

Xiaomi MI 1000 mAh 2I power bank  - Best Power bank to buy in 2021
Xiaomi MI 1000 mAh 2I power bank

The Lenovo PB420 Power bank is an ultimate portable battery solution that easily charges mobile on the go. It has a slim and light design which makes it ideal for travelling. It also features four LEDs (25% of charge for each LED) to indicate the internal battery’s remaining charge. Most importantly, this Lenovo portable power bank is tested under strict Lenovo standards to ensure user’s utmost safety.

Capacity (mAh) : 5000

No. Of Ports: 1

 Lenovo PB420 Power bank- 
Best Power bank to buy in 2021
Lenovo PB420 Power bank
POR 010

Portronics helps you from carrying an extra charging cable around while keeping your smart devices charged at all times. All the iPhone/iPad users know the real pain of keeping power hungry devices charged up for use. PowerSlice 10 is powered by Li Polymer cells to make sure of your device safety from fire hazards. Get a more light and slim experience, with more charging cycles. It has Six level protection and also BIS certified.

Capacity (mAh) : 10000

No. Of Ports: 2

Portronics PowerSlice 10 -
Best Power bank to buy in 2021
Portronics PowerSlice 10 Power Bank

Intex IT-PB8K Power bank sports 8000 mAh battery and has Slim Design. It can be easily carried on the go. Ideal for Daily work journeys and weekend trips.

Capacity (mAh) : 8000

No. Of Ports: 2

Intex IT-PB8K Power bank  - 
Best Power bank to buy in 2021
Intex IT-PB8KPower bank
InBase Turbo 2600mAh

InBase Turbo power bank sport 2600 mAh capacity and 2 USB ports. It is ideal for weekend trips and your daily work journey. Easy to carry along and has a classy look with white and orange color.

Capacity (mAh) : 26000

No. Of Ports: 2

InBase Turbo power bank - 
Best Power bank to buy in 2021
InBase Turbo power bank

Many Online mobile shops offers a wide range of power banks with various capacities, choose the right one you need and check for the review placing your order

What’s stopping you? Buy power bank from your nearby mobile store and get set for the New Year with more power in your pocket!


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