While buying a Bluetooth speaker, you must know what to look for and how to determine the best Bluetooth speaker to buy.

 Bluetooth speakers are the most convenient way of listening to music anywhere at any time being stored on mobile phones or devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

It’s necessary to decide, for what you want a Bluetooth speaker for. The requirements will be totally different. The best Bluetooth speaker for the home, may not be the best for travelling.

After deciding what type of Bluetooth speaker you want, make sure to keep the upcoming things in mind while choosing a perfect Bluetooth speaker for you!

Main Criterias to keep in Mind before Buying Bluetooth Speakers
Things to keep in mind while choosing a perfect Bluetooth speaker for you!

Main Criterias to keep in Mind before Buying Bluetooth Speakers


Plan wisely before buying any products. Many of you may have home theaters, google mini and etc. So plan the budget and look for the best value of money Bluetooth speakers.

Battery Life:

It is a key parameter to consider while buying Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speaker should be able to last long for your needs.

Audio Quality:

Sound quality really matters. Look out for the bass. There are many speakers available that don’t provide bass effect in which you can easily hear each tone out there. But if you want to be in party mode, that sound will not work since you will not have bass thump there. 

The frequency response is very important. Some Bluetooth speakers sound better than others and this is often as a result of a much better frequency response.

You might have seen frequency level figures like 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The 100 Hz point is the low frequency and 20 kHz the top frequency. The top frequency is not quite as important and remember that the low frequency point indicates the level of bass we may expect. The lower it goes the better!

Portability :

Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes. Select the one that enables easy portability. Small Conical and cylindrical type speakers are aimed at very portable operation and for packing into luggage.

Larger ones provide better quality audio and have larger batteries for longer use when you are on the go.

Also look for the features like,


As these are portable speakers, you might place it in many areas, even near water. Water resistant speakers are made to ease your fear of someone spilling water or your speaker getting drenched, when you’re having fun at parties. These will be useful especially when being used at the poolside or on the beach.

Other than water resistance, look for better Audio power, Bluetooth version, NFC, Multiple speaker connecting option, wired inputs and speakerphone capability.

There is a very huge variety of Bluetooth speakers from various top brands available to buy from many outlets and online showrooms.

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