The war between android phone and iPhone has existed for a long period of time. As far as I remember, it was not just between the OS but also between unfailingly loyal Android and iOS users. Agree??

Enough being garrulous! We’ve compared iPhone and Android phones according to their performance and some key features. Let’s see how they rank!


iPhone is easier and simpler to use than any other Android phones in some important ways.

Android phones have different accessibility features based on different manufacturers, whereas iOS devices are uniform all across the globe.

Lock and Login

iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint and Face Lock makes bypassing the lock screen easy-peasy.

Some of the Android smartphones have Smart Lock tool that uses face recognition to bypass the lock screen, but it’s a less secure option compared to iPhones.

Calling and Messaging

Calling and messaging functionality are good on both Android phones and iPhones. But sometimes it is confusing on Android devices.

Android smartly made favorite contacts based on people you frequently call. Android’s stock keyboard have swipe gestures and it has punctuations on the same page with letters.

Face-Time and iMessage is a killer Feature in iPhone. It gives consistency and ease of use.


This is a difficult segment to explain in short, but we’ve tried our best in sorting. Both Phones have very good and fast camera apps. Picture Quality is high and they have many options of filters, effects and edit options.

Still iPhone holds the crown compared to any other android cameras. Because all the iPhones have a great camera while some of the android phones comes with a bit of Gimmick.

Photo Backup

Android automatically back up all your images and video.

iPhone has iCloud or Google photos for backup but it has limited free space.

This segment is kind of complicated with the fact that the default on iPhone is iCloud and you can use Google’s Photos on iOS. Based on the unlimited space for backup, we pick Android phones as the best for backup.

Voice Assistants

Apple’s Siri is more like a real helper for searching in web, making calls and setting calendar appointments. It has a fun personality and understands natural language.

Android smartphones has google assistant that can preemptively give useful suggestions and it has a conversational side that offers entertaining games. It also provide contextual information based on what we are doing. It is getting improved and seems to do more like call screening and make reservations for you.

Google assistant seems to be smarter and versatile than Siri.


Though Google claims it have given a fully protected user privacy and about to offer the A.I services, it has nothing to beat iOS in this category. It gives you the at most privacy and security than any other smartphones.

Music and Podcast

Android has a fabulous music playing app that offers an impressive list ad supported, free music.

iPhone has Apple music, that has no free option still integrates impressively well with iTunes downloads.


Google Maps are available in both iPhone and Android phone, but it is only used immanently on Android. Siri can’t use Google maps. Apple is still improving the inferior maps app.

There is no doubt as the android phones have the best mobile app ever designed. It’s a win win for Android with Google Maps.


Most of us are concerned about what our phone cost, we tend to choose android as it is affordable. The high priced phones on both iPhone and Android costs over lakhs. But Android offers average cost on the smartphones that is lower than an iPhone.

Resale Value

Whenever new smartphones enter the market, there will be a price drop on older versions of android smartphones. The resale value will not even reach half the value you’ve spent for that phone.

Apple iPhones hold their resale value is much better than any other models of leading android smartphones.


iPhone has millions of fans around the world as it is slick, easy to use and good looking with high quality camera and stellar security.

Android smartphones have versatile OS and offers smoother user experience. According to me, if budget is not a problem iPhone should be your first port of call when it comes to Smartphone.


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