Mobile technologies are constantly evolving. As proof you can compare your current smartphones and gadgets with the mobile you had 5 years back. Let’s see several Latest Trends of 2020 that you can buy now.

Added AI (Artificial Intelligence)

It is not a big surprise if you were paying close attention to the recent smartphone launches, because Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in flagship smart mobiles already. Now it is also used in Non-Flagship Smartphones like Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Some familiar AI that you might have seen in recent Mobiles are Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

This helps you in handling tasks, getting quick results, easy recognition, gives company by responding and does whatever you ask.

AI in smartphones
AI in smartphones

Wearable technologies syncing with mobile devices

One of the most increasingly popular technologies is Wearable Technologies. We love things like fitness bracelets, health care monitors, glasses, and smartwatches. Don’t we?

We find it cool to pair with mobile apps and use wherever we go just by syncing with mobile devices.

For example, Fitbit helps you to track and monitor your health. It shows how many km you’ve walked in a day and far many things. You can also compare your progress with friends and make it a competition.

Foldable, Wearable Smartphones

Samsung foldable smartphones are cooler than any other mobiles with foldable infinity flex display. It is expensive and gives you a mind-blowing experience. This technology is futuristic and working excellent.

It is one of the innovative technologies to make it work and not just a gimmick.

Speed and Wireless Charging

Many people find Wireless technology as the most innovative and useful one. Yeah in that line, many wireless chargers are available in the smartphone stores that help to get your mobile charged on the go and really faster than any other chargers.

These gadgets are ultra-rapid chargers that can be used without connecting through any wires.

Wireless charging
Wireless charging

Mobiles and Devices syncing with homes

Many top brands have developed mobile apps that allow you to experience the next level of advancement in technology within your own home.

For example,

AC apps that help you to control the temperatures and also calculate the thermostat. It also allows you to control the air conditioning system from wherever you are with your mobile.

Washing machine apps notify about the washing cycle and other issues with your washer through your mobile app.

This technology is also used for security purposes by syncing with security cameras. It can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone itself.

These technologies seem to be quite exciting. Don’t wait to get your hands on Mobiles and gadgets with the latest technologies, reach the best online mobile stores to buy your new smartphone or gadgets on EMI, and get delivered at your doorstep.


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