We always look forward for a new updated version of smartphone year by year from our favorite brand. Millions of android smartphones are getting better and smarter, in that line Samsung has launched world’s first Smartphone with Rotating Camera!!

Specially made for this era of Live!

Let’s meet the new Samsung Galaxy A80, an experimental yet iconic outcome of Samsung with the idea of taking it’s camera to the next level.

It stands out like a king among all other competitors who have a common camera setups like pop-up camera and Sliding cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A80 is for Rotatable Camera

Epic on Both sides

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has rotatable camera slide with innovative triple-lens that helps you to capture what is happening in front and behind.  The triple camera includes 8MP 123 degree Ultra-Wide camera, 48MP primary camera and 3D Depth Camera.

Imagine, one set of camera shoots on both side! How cool is that!

That’s not all,

  • You can shoot live videos like a pro
  • It adds depth to your world
  • Allows you to measure anything instantly
  • Makes your images become more stunning by optimizing the content of the scene based on 30 modes with Scene optimizer.

A New Infinity Display

Camera is not the only unique thing in Galaxy A80, the screen is also one of the main highlights. It has a beautiful 6.7 inches AMOLED display with no cutouts and notches. It is named as ‘Full HD + Super AMOLED New Infinity Display’ by Samsung. Fantastic colors and uninterrupted screen makes it a true pleasure to use while watching YouTube and Netflix.

Full HD + Super AMOLED New Infinity Display – Samsung Galaxy A80

Easy to Tap and Go

The latest flagship smartphone also has two important features like fingerprint sensor and an earpiece for calls underneath the infinity display.

AP & Memory

Galaxy A80 is loaded with 8 GB RAM, 128GB internal storage and Octa- Core processor. It also got a typical 3,7000mAh battery.

Battery and performance

It has 25W superfast charging technology. This smart mobile learns your usage pattern and daily routine and makes an effective use of power by closing unused apps.

This iconic model Smartphones comes in colors such as Phantom black, Angel Gold and Ghost white.

Though it has all highly incredible features, the sound that comes from the phone whenever the camera rotates might be annoying!

Apart from this one stuff, the Samsung Galaxy A80 can be called as the maestro of rotatable camera and Infinite display. Grab one and start creating great snaps!!


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